Massless is launching a crowdfunding campaign to make the Massless 3D VR Pen available for everyone who loves design and problem solving.


London, 10 December, 2019 – We started Massless to make creativity and problem solving way more simple, fun and intuitive. Our first product is the Massless VR Pen for artists, designers and problem solvers. We’re opening up a whole new limitless, precise dimension for professionals and now we want to make it available to anyone, so we’re launching a crowdfunding campaign in February 2020 enabling us to deliver higher volume.

Why has no one created a slim, ergonomic VR Pen before? It’s really hard to accurately track a slender object like a Pen in 3D space – that’s why all VR controllers are large and chunky. Well, we’ve done it. Our secret enterprise partners at some of the world’s leading automotive design and entertainment studios are telling us what we have already discovered – using the Massless Pen is completely different. It’s making them, and us, fall in love with design all over again.

In the last few months, we’ve been working really hard to do what we’ve always wanted to do: Make the Massless Pen intuitive, limitless and finally: affordable. We’re launching a crowdfunding campaign with Indiegogo to make this dream a reality! 

You can use the Massless Pen inside VR with your favorite SteamVR compatible applications and outside VR with your favorite Windows desktop applications. We think the most amazing experience is immersed in VR drawing, modelling and sculpting alone or with your friends.

“I started Massless in 2016 to help make the interface between people and their computers intuitive, seamless and joyful.” said Jack Cohen, CEO and co-founder. “We started with professionals, but we’re ready to make our products for everyone. I’m incredibly excited to launch our crowdfunding campaign and get started on this project.”

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