Enhanced Precision

As designers, achieving high levels of precision in our work is important, but in a Virtual space, that can be difficult. That’s why we’ve incorporated 18 different tracking points across the body of the Massless Pen, making it the most precise device available for immersive design. 

One of the biggest limitations we found with traditional VR controllers was that you have to use your whole arm to manipulate the unwieldy ‘O’ of the tracking sensor. We found a way to fit these sensors into an ergonomic form factor, letting you use the hand muscles you’re used to for technical, precise design.


This form factor was the biggest engineering challenge we had when making the Pen, but also our greatest accomplishment. A pen is an extension of our hands and minds, when moving it is effortless, our ideas unblock, and creativity flows. By going back to the shape of a pen, the movements begin to come from the precise muscles in your fingers, not the big ones in your arms, making designing in VR feel as natural as writing on paper. Massless exists to help you draw, draft and model the way you were always meant to.

To make this happen, we’ve designed every facet of the pen to be used without needing a guidebook. We included a highly responsive capacitive sensor touch pad which lets you navigate the menus, change brush sizes and tools and more. You can customise these controls to the way you work. 

(Almost) Limitless

We wanted to create a device that worked for everyone that let you work in 2D or 3D, on the desk or in the air, inside or outside of VR, with Oculus, Vive and Valve. The Massless Pen works in your favorite VR design applications such as Gravity Sketch, Tiltbrush and Masterpiece. It also works in Massless Mouse mode with all desktop design software, so you can use your favorite apps like Maya, Blender and 3DS Max with a new level of precision and freedom.

The Massless Tracker

 One of the most important parts of the Pen isn’t a part of the Pen at all. Our super-precise tracker seamlessly fuses optical tracking information with the Pens Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). It uses two ultra HD cameras to track every stroke, twist, and flick made by the Pen, ensuring your workflow is never interrupted.  

The 90º x 70º tracking volume allows for incredibly immersive engineering and design work. It encompasses your natural reach and you can use the  desk surface as a workspace, with a range of stands available. All of this adds up to a beautiful, intuitive and precise experience for design.

Join Us

The Massless Pen has opened up a world of design, creativity, engineering and problem solving for professionals inside and outside of VR. We are democratising design in VR by removing the barriers to entry, to change the way people design and create. It’s time to unlock our potential creative powers, but we need your help to make this a reality. 

Our crowdfunding is an important part of our journey, which is only just beginning. If you want to join us, then we’ll keep you in the loop through  crowdfunding updates about our campaign that’s kicking off super soon on indiegogo. If you haven’t already, sign up to hear more at: https://massless.io/crowdfunding-3d-vr-pen/ . Stay tuned to our social media for the latest VR creations and information on the Massless Pen and blog insights into the world of VR design; you can find us across Instagram, Twitter Facebook and Linkedin at: @Massless.